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Whirlwind dust hood

  • 产品名称: Whirlwind dust hood
  • 产品分类: Melting furnace
  • 公司名称: 2019年马会全年资料
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  • 添加时间: 16/03/19
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 Tornado dust cover has an excellent dust absorption effect takes up less space. Tornado dust cover with the traditional hydraulic tilting dust cover compared to the biggest advantage is not only before and after the tipping, you can also do in any position to stay. The traditional dust cover can only stay in front and rear two stations. In the furnace workers to operate, the cyclone dust cover to avoid the front of the furnace cover on the operator's baking, reducing the operator's work intensity.
Dust cover with lid, sturdy steel structure design, built a refractory furnace cover fixed in the middle of the dust cover, through the hydraulic cylinder cover can be done in any position to stay. In the smelting process, the entire dust cover in a closed position, the furnace cover covered in the molten pool crucible, in order to reduce the feeding, melting process of heat loss, while the dust cover through a certain amount of suction, dust, exhaust, And improve the exhaust emission effect.
The welded steel housing is opened from the front and rear of the hydraulic cylinder and is connected to the exhaust pipe system by means of a flange located on the rotary shaft of the furnace body. When the entire dust cover is opened in the positive direction, the feeding operation is performed.
The entire dust cover can reverse open, this design is conducive to not remove the dust cover under the conditions of the operation of the top of the lining; induction furnace gate to facilitate maintenance.

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